Seamless transition from traditional answering service


A forward thinking, state of the art, fully automated medical answering service, optimized for healthcare industry by highly experienced medical and technology professionals. Now, you can recognize the benefits of a more efficient answering service at a competitive price. Ditch that antiquated brick and mortar answering service and welcome to the new era of a reliable, HIPAA compliant medical answering service!

Our easy to use, cutting edge on-call calendar is intelligently designed with input from Physicians, Nurses and Clinic administrators with decades of broad experience in the healthcare industry.

Customized to your workflow! Designed to accommodate a single physician clinic, a large multi-specialty, multi physician clinics and hospitals.

Seamless transition from ‘brick and mortar’ answering service without missing a beat, with faster, more reliable and accurate communications.

Listen to, or read transcribed text message directly from the source, just as it was meant to be.

Eliminate pitfalls of human errors resulting from miscommunication, misinterpretation or misdirected messages to the wrong physician.

Messages are relayed instantly, unlike the operator directed messages of a traditional answering service. Shorter response time greatly improves patient care and consumer satisfaction.

Switch call schedules instantly. No more reams of paper for an ‘Updated schedule” after each change. Changes in the call schedule archived for future reference.

With available EMR integration, document all after hour communications directly into the patient chart. Eliminate “If it’s not recorded, it didn’t happen” legal quandary. Instantly message office staff for pending action items.

One touch call-back to reach the caller.

Your Caller ID is always protected. Patients only see your Clinic phone number displayed when you call back.

Connect, Collaborate and improve outcomes. Escalate efficiency.


Our fully integrated platform extends well beyond the medical answering service. Communicate and Collaborate 'in the moment' with other physicians, clinic staff, and care team members safely and securely. Improve patient care and outcomes by sharing Patient Health Information (PHI) with others involved in patient care.

Send and receive PHI without interrupting your schedule. Messages reside safely on your mobile device and are available for review at the first available opportunity

Clinic staff can communicate with each one-another without tying up a phone line. No more phone tags, or ‘will do later’ and forget doing it.

Leave text message for the physician to review without disturbing the work flow.

Send group messages and customize groups to suit your Clinic’s work flow.

Send attachments, files and images securely.

Protect your Clinic with full HIPAA compliance


HIPAA violations can result in hefty CMS penalties, not counting the legal battles, degraded reputation and loss of productivity. Benefits of doctoc medical answering service:

Highest standard of information privacy and protection means your entire staff is always HIPAA compliant while messaging with Physicians, Allied Health, and one-another.

Best in class encryption secures data in flight and at rest on servers and mobile devices. Hackers will have look elsewhere!

All data perpetually archived and e-discoverable if necessary.

Managing On-Call schedules has never been easier

The doctoc medical answering service has highly customizable on-call schedule that adapts to your clinic's message routing scheme, ensuring prompt, ensuring prompt, accurate delivery of the message to the right person, in the shortest possible time.

  • With EMR integration, easily document ‘after hour’ communications directly into patient chart protecting you from malpractice claims.
  • Saves patients and nurses time and effort by NOT having to go through a third party answering service.
  • Make changes to On-Call schedule instantly, with real time updates for the entire Clinic.
  • Eliminate human errors for message interpretation and call routing delays.
  • Automated On-Call reminders to better plan your activities for the day.
  • Automated message forwarding for overnight messages.
  • Different notification sounds identify message urgencies.


Customized to your needs, simplify the workflow for the Clinic staff and Providers. Secure communications can be accessed in a timely fashion at the first available opportunity without disturbing ongoing work.

User Friendly

Listen to patient messages or read transcribed voicemails. Return calls with one touch dialing while protecting your caller ID for privacy. Forward communications to EMR and Clinic staff for action items related to the call.


Customized to your Institution’s workflow for call routing. Eliminates human errors for messaging, call routing and message interpretation. ‘On the fly’ temporary call switch without disturbing the Clinic Administrator to make the change. Easy to glance on call schedule on the mobile device for self and the rest of the Clinic Providers. Automated message forwarding for overnight messages.


With the available phone message statistics, monitor vital information regarding your Clinic’s after-hour phone calls, and adjust the work flow to provide optimal care to your patients. Happier patient’s means better patient satisfaction, scores and outcomes! Mission accomplished!

Proven high adoption. Proven results.

Enjoy a whole new level of communications accuracy, reliability and control.

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