Virtual Medical Assistant (VMA)

Get help from screened, trained and qualified virtual medical assistant to enhance patient care and nourish standardized clinical workflow.
Medical Virtual Assistants

Leverage the advantage of doctoc's Virtual Medical Assistant Solution

Running a clinic in today's Dynamic Healthcare landscape can be incredibly demanding. Juggling Administrative duties alongside patient care often leaves little time for what matters most – attending to patients.

Doctoc’s Innovative Medical Virtual Assistant solution has been empowering medical practices to efficiently manage a spectrum of tasks such as answering phone calls and monitoring triage calls, Patient Scheduling, Insurance Verification, Prior-Authorization, EMR/EHR Management and many- unleashing your clinic growth potential and better patient satisfaction scores.

Let us handle your operational activities effectively, while you focus on what you do best – caring for your patients.

Top Class Medical Professionals:

With rich experience in clinical duties, our Virtual Medical Assistants are highly skilled, HIPAA Certified and most of them have nursing degrees.

Smart Savings and Transparent Billing:

We guarantee you’ll save at least 70% of your current expenses. We give you ONE quote and that’s what you pay, no surprise ever.

100% Dedicated Resources:

To ensure consistency, you’ll have a dedicated virtual assistant who will work according to your office hours.

Customized Job Roles:

You may have a very low call volume and high demand for prior authorizations. Based on your workflow, you can assign tasks to a virtual medical assistant.

Versatile across all EMR/EHR:

Hands-on experience in navigating any EMR/EHR system, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in your clinical workflow.

Round the clock support:

To ensure we prioritize patients needs, our healthcare virtual assistants can go beyond the office hours.

Security and Compliance:

HIPAA is in our DNA and we are ready to sign BAA with you. Our extensive online system checks and audits ensure quality process management and HIPAA compliance.

Dedicated Account Manager:

Doesn't matter if you hire 1 rep or 10. You'll have an account manager for seamless communication.

No Office Set up and Hardware Requirements:

Don't worry about providing physical office space, computers, internet connection, health benefits and other preliminary expenses for your medical virtual assistant. We'll take care all of it.

No Binding Contract:

We are confident that you'll appreciate our talents, work ethics and commitment. Only a 30-day clause applies as per industry standards.

Virtual Medical Receptionist

Guilt-free outsourcing of virtual receptionists for medical practice is a cost-effective strategy for improving patient interaction with your staff.

Our Healthcare Virtual Assistants can coordinate with patients and providers seamlessly, ensuring that phone calls are handled meticulously, appointments are scheduled efficiently, and clinical workflows are improved, ultimately resulting in increased patient satisfaction.

  • Manage patient calls & faxes
  • Schedule appointments, send out reminders
  • Manage prescription refills
  • Verify Insurance & eligibility
  • EMR & EHR Management
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Medical Virtual Administrative Assistant

Entrust your administrative workload to our Pre-skilled Experts who are ready to assist you. Our virtual assistants integrate smoothly into your daily workflow, and you will be amazed seeing their expertise & efficiency.
  • Chart Preparation & Updating EHR/EMR
  • Obtain referrals & authorizations
  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Billing & insurance support

Medical Virtual Scribe

Our Virtual Medical Scribe empowers healthcare providers to manage their clinics with efficiency and ease.

Our virtual medical assistant work closely with physicians to document medical visits and procedures, and catch errors and manage diagnoses, symptoms, follow-up instructions, and prescriptions dictated by physicians.
  • Transcribe patient orders accurately
  • Identify errors in medical documentation
  • Assist with dictations, phone calls, and clerical tasks
  • Review charts and prepare referral letters
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Nurse standing on nurse station in front of a computer HIPAA Compliant Medical Phone System

Virtual Medical Biller

Our virtual medical billers are your virtual ally in clinic administration. They streamline the complex process of healthcare billing with precision and expertise.

Trust Doctoc's Medical Billers effortlessly navigates the complex maze of referrals and pre-authorizations, ensuring error-free coordination between departments and let you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care without the headache of administrative hassles.
  • Managing referrals, pre-authorizations, inquiries, and eligibility verification
  • Efficient interdepartmental communication and timely follow-up on unpaid claims
  • Review insurance payments for accuracy and ensure contract discount compliance
  • Contacting insurers promptly for timely resolution of payment discrepancies

Ready to help, however you need it.

Virtual Medical Assistants

Get help with healthcare-specific responsibilities, including:
  • Medical scribing
  • Telemedicine consultations
  • Clinical administrative support
  • Insurance verification
  • Appointment setting
  • Prescription refill requests
  • EHR/EMR management

Administrative Virtual Assistants

Take administrative tasks off your plate, including:
  • Phone calls
  • Schedule management
  • Research
  • Social media management
  • Data entry
  • Event management
  • Website updates

Customer Testimonials

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As an administrator overseeing three hospital clinic locations with multiple providers I have been impressed that the doctoc system was easy to implement, improved our workflow, and our staff likes it.

~ Richard Wedig

Chief Clinic & Surgical Services Officer
Wickenburg Community Hospital
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As an administrator overseeing three hospital clinic locations with multiple providers I have been impressed that the doctoc system was easy to implement, improved our workflow, and our staff likes it.

~ Richard Wedig

Chief Clinic & Surgical Services Officer
Wickenburg Community Hospital
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As a consultant to hospitals and clinics, I highly recommend doctoc. The software is simple to use and the doctoc team is easy to work with. In fact, everything is easy with doctoc!

~ Jeff Russell

Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Business Solutions

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