VoIP Telephony Services: Revolutionizing Medical Communication with Doctoc

In the intricate world of healthcare where lives are saved and lost in the blink of an eye, effective communication becomes the foundation of quality care. As traditional telephone services struggle to cope with the healthcare industry’s demands, VoIP-based telephony services have provided the perfect solution.   

The healthcare industry is moving towards VoIP based telephony services because it is less costly, easy to use and economically scalable. Healthcare demands VoIP phone systems that can provide secure, efficient and cost-effective solutions.  

As stated by tech.co VoIP telephony services are easily scalable and can save more than 30-50% on business phone system costs for small businesses. It helps small clinics to grow without ballooning overhead costs on expansion. 

Apart from being cost effective, VoIP telephony services like Doctoc are easily accessible, scalable, voicemail transcriptions, provide tools for staff efficiency and are highly flexible to each clinic’s requirements. It also provides caller ID recognition, integration with patient records and billing etc. We are HL7 aware and will efficiently connect with you with EMR.   

What is VoIP? 

The full form of VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology allows voice communication over an internet connection. It discards the need for traditional phone lines since these are cost-efficient, scalable, and have advanced features. 

VoIP communications platforms like doctoc are widely used in the healthcare industry due to features like secure messaging, video conferencing, AI-powered customer contact, and one-to-one communications. 

Top features of Doctoc’s VoIP Telephony Services 

As per GMI (Global Market Insights) report, the VoIP market is slated to grow at a CAGR of 15% from 2021 and reach USD 95 billion by 2027. Some of the features of Doctoc VoIP telephony services that set us apart are mentioned below:  

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere 

The VoIP Telephony services provided by Doctoc will enable doctors and medical professionals to communicate from any geographical location. Clinics can hire non-essential staff on a work-from-home arrangement, cheaper locations or outsource to a different part of the globe while making them work collaboratively in an integral team.  

The team can work with doctoc during regional utility outages or natural disasters. They can access patient records remotely, coordinate with colleagues across different time zones, or provide telemedicine services to patients in distant locations. 

Scalability and Reliability

The phone service of doctoc is both scalable and reliable. As the clinic grows, there is no need for additional lines to keep up with the additional demand. Even if there are 5 calls per minute or 5000 calls the next minute, the patients will never hear a busy signal or dropped call. Doctoc ensures this quality across multiple clinic sites and departments. Doctoc’s VoIP based telecommunication services also provide capabilities that enable conference calling through IP phones for multi-disciplinary consultations. 

Doctoc’s VoIP based telecommunication services for healthcare are heavily reliable during regional outages. Doctoc’s service runs in multiple geographically distributed data centers, making it resistant to regional outages. Henceforth Doctoc will be operational even if the internet goes down through mobile wifi/ hotspot.  

Remove Communication Silos

Doctoc’s in-built waterfall call routing technology has completely removed the communication silos, especially with multi-location clinics. Say a clinic has two 2 busy sites (Surprise and Peoria in Arizona). In a case study Doctoc has seen that “the incoming call goes unanswered, or voicemail goes unattended while staff at Surprise location is busy, while staff at Peoria location are underutilized.” 

Implementing Doctoc, staff at any location can answer phone calls, texts and voicemails for any other location and work seamlessly as one collaborative team. They can also see from which location the call is coming. It ensures that there are no unanswered patient calls through maximum utilization of the clinic’s resources. 

Enhanced Efficiency with Transcribed Voicemails 

One of the most arduous tasks of a clinic is to go through all the voicemails and act on them efficiently. It costs a lot of resources to listen to each voicemail. Doctoc has solved this problem by introducing voicemail transcription. Clinic staff can read automatically transcribed voicemails and listen to the recorded audio if required. This makes the process more efficient as reading is 7 times more efficient than listening.  

Manual transcription ensures accuracy and reading transcriptions enhance staff efficiency. Each transcribed voicemail becomes a work item or tangible task that all clinic staff will work on in a collaborative workflow. This will streamline communication between clinic staff while ensuring that no patient inquiry goes unanswered. 

The caller ID and caller name of incoming calls get recorded in doctoc. Clinic staff will be able to call back the caller through our one-click callback feature which removes the need to manually dialling the number.  

Promote Teamwork and Improve Productivity 

Doctoc leaves no stone unturned when it comes to tracking the workflow progress of clinic staff. Every voice message contains progress-tracking tools for a collaborative work culture. Everyone on the clinic staff gets to know about pending and completed work items.  

Features like notetaking while on call and filter options make it easy for efficient workflow. The notes taken during a live call are visible to all other clinic staff making it possible for another staff to take on the unfinished work item. Clinic staff can use filters to check Unread, In-progress or Done messages.  

Administrative Oversight 

The staff administrator is informed about every workflow both at a micro and macro level through the Doctoc medical answering service. It improves accountability and efficiency. All incoming calls are recorded, which helps with conflict resolution or training purposes. 

With proper administrative oversight of the whole operation, we ensure no patient complaints about calls not being returned or calls dropped. It helps to maintain quality of service throughout the organization.  

Intuitive User Interface and Flexible Options 

Doctoc can be set up with minimum effort and takes very little time and technical knowledge to set up. It is perfect for medical environments where time is of the essence. Doctoc comes with various flexible options where medical staff can access the system through both desktop browsers and phone apps. This makes doctoc an on-the-go medical communication service which is both user-friendly and HIPAA compliant. It is a kind of software telephony service that does not need any upfront capital for hardware acquisition. It saves both office and desk space. 

Clinics can type customizable announcements according to their choice and requirements in a professional accent. It can be saved in an instant, saving time. Clinics can also enforce the branding of their clinics by uploading an audio logo or music by a voice artist.  

VoIP for the Future 

The future of communication in healthcare lies in VoIP systems. New technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), 5G technology and overall improvement in software updates make the future of VoIP communication very promising. VoIP is poised to play an important role in increasing telemedicine after Covid-19.  

AI integration with VoIP telephony services will help to automate many routine tasks like appointment scheduling, reminders, and patient follow-ups. This will help the clinic to use the healthcare staff for more critical tasks. The increase in 5G adoption will significantly impact VoIP communication services leading to higher quality calls.  

In conclusion, cloud-based VoIP-based telephony services are the future of healthcare communication. geographic location or time constraints do not deter VoIP based communication services like Doctoc empowering medical clinics to provide the highest service. As technology continues to evolve in the healthcare industry’s communication services, VoIP-based communication services like Doctoc are not just a choice but a strategic investment to increase business cost-effectively in an increasingly digital world.  

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