HIPAA Compliant Medical Phone System and Fax

Handle every single Calls and Voicemails timely and collaboratively worldwide with Doctoc medical telephony and HIPAA compliant fax system designed exclusively for clinic workflow. 
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Best in Class Medical Telephony- Advanced, Unified and Reliable

Doctoc’s Medical Telephony is the most efficient way for healthcare providers to communicate with patients. It’s a comprehensive software suite that automates routine tasks, drives better patient experiences, and saves you time and money.

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100% Cloud-based, work from anywhere
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All communications are documented at ONE place
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Modern communication and collaboration tools 
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Resilient and highly available 

VoIP Medical Telephony and Fax system designed by Healthcare Professionals 

Doctoc’s enterprise-class communication platform is healthcare-focused and understands the technology required to revolutionize healthcare communications with confidence.
  • Centralized medical telephony removes communication silos
  • Optimizes staff utilization and efficiency
  • Affords comprehensive administrative oversight
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Simplify Your Medical Telephony

You need a VoIP phone service that performs, but that doesn’t come with unnecessary complications. Doctoc’s HIPAA-compliant medical phone service strips away all of the complications so you can be up and running fast with all of the capabilities medical clinics need.
  • No contracts to sign
  • No telephone hardware to purchase
  • Straightforward pricing and easy-to-understand billing statements
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Intuitive functionality

Set up the Medical Telephony on The Fly

You don’t need a phone tech to configure your system – you are in control so you can quickly adjust for growth, staff changes, work-at-home, or whatever comes your way.
  • Record new on-hold messages and announcements as needed – or have the phone system narrate them for you
  • Set up and change call routing at any time
  • Add or change users – including remote workers – with a few clicks
  • Connect with your clinic anytime, anywhere using VoIP medical telephony on your laptop, mobile or desk phone
Customize phone system
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Improve Patients’ calling Experience and online reviews

Patients are counting on you to be there for them in good times and bad. Let’s help them together.
  • Fast and Limitless. Never a busy line
  • Every voicemail is transcribed, documented, and tracked routed to the right person or group
  • Teamwork tools ensure that every patient receives a call back from staff members on time
  • The administrative dashboard provides visibility and brings accountability on staff performance

Improve Teamwork and Efficiency

Capture all patient communication touchpoints in one place – the Doctoc dashboard. Gives you extensive reporting and analytics on staff performance and clinic progress.
  • Document every voicemail with a timestamp and patient details including name, DOB, reason for the call, transcription, and a call-back number
  • Assess voicemails with icons that make it easy to see the status (in progress & done) of work items at a glance
  • Work progress by an individual is documented and can be read or filled in by all team members
  • Upload patient communications into the EMR with a single click
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Ensure Medical Office Phone System Reliability

At Doctoc, we understand the critical importance of secure and reliable healthcare communications. Our cutting-edge software is designed to meet the highest technical standards, ensuring the utmost scalability, availability, and data security for healthcare organizations.  
  • Remains available in nearly every situation, including local outages or natural disasters
  • Whether you receive 5 calls this moment, and 500 calls the next moment, our service will automatically scale to ensure no one calling your clinic hears a busy signal
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Get HIPAA-Compliant Medical Fax Service

Faxes are still an important way for medical clinics to communicate information securely.

Get the oversight you need to get your medical clinic’s communications under control.

The Doctoc dashboard gives you visibility on every communications encounter that touches your practice and reporting on how your team is performing on a clinical, departmental, and individual level. It will transform your entire communications system.
  • All communications and touchpoints are documented for macro & micro level managerial insights
  • Customized reporting standard on how your team is performing on a clinical, departmental, and individual level
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Why is Doctoc HIPAA compliant Medical Phone System Superior to the Telephone Service you already know?

Healthcare practices need a technology solution that offers an efficient patient communication platform equipped with advanced features. With Doctoc Medical Telephony, you can transform clinical communication with confidence.

Its high scalability easily handles a high volume of incoming calls in any condition. Importantly, every voicemail is transcribed by AI, timestamped and documented with name, DOB, and call back number. Plus, staff collaboration and tracking tools ensure timely and meticulous handling of each work item and the ONE Clinic EMR transfer makes the process seamless by transferring information to patient chart.

Doctoc’s has greatly improved workflow and efficiency for clinic staff, decreasing patient complaints by accurately tracking and monitoring each work item.

What 100's of Medical Practices Say about Doctoc!

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As an administrator overseeing three hospital clinic locations with multiple providers I have been impressed that the Doctoc system was easy to implement, improved our workflow, and our staff likes it.

~ Richard Wedig

Chief Clinic & Surgical Services Officer
Wickenburg Community Hospital
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As a consultant to hospitals and clinics, I highly recommend Doctoc. The software is simple to use and the Doctoc team is easy to work with. In fact, everything is easy with Doctoc!

~ Jeff Russell

Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Business Solutions
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We have found Doctoc to be a reliable well-designed software. The team at Doctoc is a pleasure to interact with, and is responsive for support and feature requests.

~ Paul M. Corsello, MD

Huron Gastro/Center for Digestive Care,
Ypsilanti, MI.

Our Promises, we will ..

A healthcare communications platform
designed exclusively for medical clinics
by medical professionals

No Contracts
We are so confident that doctoc will improve your medical clinic’s communications that we don’t require contracts.

Competitive Pricing
Our cost effective solutions and simple billing statements will help your clinic stay on budget.

Locked In Data Security
Your clinic’s information is protected with comprehensive HIPAA-compliance and Health Level Seven (HL7) data security.

EMR Integration
Options for both automated integration with participating EMR providers and one-click transfer functionality to ensure your records are always current.

100% Healthcare Focus
doctoc is 100% laser focused on healthcare communications. Our platform is designed to improve clinic performance. We’re not distracted by anything else.

15-Day Trial

Free Trial
It is easy to give Doctoc a try and experience the difference it can make for your practice. Sign up now and get your first month free.

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