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Works Across Platforms, No New Hardware Required
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All-in-one Solution to Optimize Your Clinical Communication Workflow

Explore the Future of Healthcare Communication with HIPAA-compliant Medical Phone Services,
Medical Answering Services, Texting and Medical Virtual Assistants.

Everything you do at your clinic is impacted by communications.

Doctoc is a solution that provides the efficiency, visibility, and accountability you need to help your Clinical Communication perform at it's best.
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When you have effective Healthcare Communications Platform,
Everyone Benefits.

Harness the power of centralized healthcare communication to improve clinical performance.
Patient Satisfaction Improves

Patient Satisfaction Improves

  • Ensure patients get timely call backs for urgent and non-urgent matters

  • Protect patient privacy with encrypted and secure messaging

  • NO system downtime or busy lines, patients can always reach your clinic

  • Aligning with the 98.2% of patient's preferred way to communicate- via texting

  • NO special app required, just the regular texting app

  • Never miss any instructions- Just in-time PREP and appointment reminders
Physicians communicate easier

Physicians Communicate Easier and Faster

  • No more unnecessary 3 am calls

  • Read structured messages with alerts to escalate urgent and routine messages

  • Verified call back number for every message with One touch call back option

  • Protect providers' privacy by ensuring his cell phone number is masked by clinic's name and number when calling them back

  • See personal and colleagues’ schedules within the mobile app

  • Communicate internally or with external providers through secure messaging
Practices Become More Efficient

Practices Become More Efficient

  • Empowered with a best-in-class Healthcare Communications Platform

  • Collaboration and tracking tools improve productivity

  • Transcribed messages, instant call back number, One-click EMR transfer

  • Every communication is tracked and documented- nothing falls through the cracks

  • Clinic managers can see who is working harder and faster

  • Patient-centric secure messaging reduces call volume and allows staff to work at their pace
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The Administrative Dashboard gives you Visibility in clinical communications at the Micro and Macro level

Are patient calls & messages handled promptly and documented in their chart?
Time taken to complete a task item.
Who is the TOP performer, departmental and employee level?

VoIP Medical Telephony and Fax Service

Your clinic gets hundreds of calls a day. With Limitless Scalability and High Resiliency, Doctoc’s superior VoIP Phone and Fax service  provides the most efficient way for medical communications with patients. 

Centralized healthcare communication and collaboration remove communication silos, promote teamwork, monitors every incoming patient call and how it is handled and creates trackable work items for every voicemail for in-house or offshore staff members.
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Mobile phone with patient and medical center information in our Medical Answering Service

Digital Medical Answering Service

Get rid of the human error and inefficiencies that lead to Physician burnout. Explore Doctoc’s Digital Answering Service designed by Healthcare Professionals to enhance After-hour Medical Communication.

Doctoc’s state-of-the-art medical triage system leaves no room for errors. Ensures accurate and timely routing for routine and semi-urgent matters with structured information from nurses and patients allowing for swift callbacks.

What about STAT/Emergency calls?
Rest assured, they always connect to the right on-call provider’s cell phone and backup numbers.

HIPAA-Compliant Two-Way Messaging (Patient Portal)

Over 98 percent of patients prefer HIPAA compliant texting to communicate with their healthcare providers. Doctoc’s modern Patient-Messaging System enables patients and providers to securely communicate how they want to communicate – via text.

Have you considered using your clinic's main number for texting purposes?
With Doctoc, you can convert your clinic's phone number into a texting number, without the need for any special apps for your patients.

Its advanced Text Routing ensures every message lands with the right person or group with patients' demographics. Plus, you can securely share lab results or other PHI with patients via HIPAA compliant texting.
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Just-in-time Appointment Reminder for Patients 

Doctoc offers a text-based appointment reminder and recall system that can help clinics to save resources and improve efficiency. With text based in-time appointment reminder, you will be able to send customized texts to patients reminding them about appointment schedules, preparations before procedures, getting confirmations and sending post-appointment reminder texts.

How Doctoc helps to reduce the likelihood of missed appointments or medication errors?

Doctoc offers a common or customized templates for appointment reminders and recalls, which can be sent through various methods like text messages or voice calls. Additionally, call to action (CTA) with every text to receive the patients' response and that can easily upload or download information from doctoc through spreadsheets.

HIPAA Compliant Group Messaging 

Doctoc offers a secure messaging platform that allows you to communicate with your healthcare providers and staff members. You can also share any medical records such as lab results, X-rays or other Protected Health Information (PHI) with single or multiple recipients, and see who has read them.

For effective healthcare communication, Doctoc enables you to invite affiliate clinics, such as pathology or radiology centers, and individual providers to join your network. This allows you to communicate with them seamlessly and securely, without incurring any additional costs.
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certified and pre-skilled Medical Virtual Assistants

Medical Virtual Assistant Service with Top-tier Talents

Running a medical practice can be challenging, but with our certified and highly skilled Medical Virtual Assistants, you can make it easier and more cost-effective.

Our assistants have diverse experience in various EMRs and EHRs, and they can help you transform your operations, increase productivity, and improve patient satisfaction. With their support, you can unlock your full potential and take your practice to the next level, all while saving up to 80% on costs.
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Elevate Your Healthcare Journey with Doctoc

Because Efficiency Matters in Healthcare!

Over the past decade, Doctoc has been transforming healthcare communication through the use of advanced technology and a strong commitment to innovation, perseverance, and excellence.

With pride, Doctoc is a leader in the healthcare industry, providing two essential services: a streamlined Patient Communication Platform and HIPAA-certified Medical Virtual Assistants and serves 100’s of Healthcare Practices nationwide, from solo to one of the largest.

Doctoc’s Robust Healthcare Communications Platform.

Doctoc's cloud-based and EMR-friendly communication suite leverages automation and efficiency tools designed by healthcare professionals to enhance patient communication.

Leverage the Advantage of Doctoc Medical Virtual Assistants.

Excellence in clinical workflows with a remarkable track record, Doctoc is your one-stop destination for Medical Virtual Assistant services. From managing patient calls, patient scheduling, chart prep to Eligibility Verification, Prior Authorization, Denial Management and other duties.

High Resiliency with Industry-Leading Encryption and Data Security

At Doctoc, we understand the critical importance of secure and reliable healthcare communications. Our cutting-edge software is designed to meet the highest technical standards, ensuring the utmost scalability, availability, and data security for healthcare organizations while maintaining compliance with industry regulations, such as HIPAA.
Rest assured that your data is protected with best-in-class encryption and security standards.
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100% Healthcare Focused & HIPAA Compliant

Doctoc is fully HIPAA compliant and adheres to HIPAA and information security and privacy guidelines
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Comprehensive System and Data Backup Schedules

With Doctoc, rest assured that all communications are stored securely and nothing is ever deleted from our data storage.
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Robust and Reliable Healthcare Communications

Hosted in Cloud Across Multiple Fault Zones nationwide. Any natural disaster or utility outage in a local area doesn’t affect availability of our service

Seamless Integration Into The Clinic Environment

Risk Free Trial and
No Binding Contracts

We take pride in the quality of our seervices and are confident that once you experience it, you will become a long-term customer.

• 15-day Risk free Trial
• No need to sign any contract, neither short term or long term

Competitive Pricing and Transparent Billing

We are confident that not only we’ll enhance patient communication but significantly reduce your direct communication cost as well.

• Doctoc cost-effective solutions helps your clinic stay on budget
• One bill policy ensures transparency

Quick Set up and
Easy Onboarding

Average rollout takes only days with clinic contact information and precise instructions phone announcement and destination.

• Get your Doctoc account provisioned within a few days
• We will train your staff before going LIVE

Versatile across all

Doctoc seamlessly integrates with your EMR and EHR as it speaks Healthcare Level 7 (HL7), a common healthcare language.

• HL7 aware, making it seamless to transfer items to patient charts
• If EMR connection is not available, transfer items from Doctoc with one click to EMR

What 100's of Medical Practices Say about Doctoc!

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As an administrator overseeing three hospital clinic locations with multiple providers I have been impressed that the Doctoc system was easy to implement, improved our workflow, and our staff likes it.

~ Richard Wedig

Chief Clinic & Surgical Services Officer
Wickenburg Community Hospital
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As a consultant to hospitals and clinics, I highly recommend Doctoc. The software is simple to use and the Doctoc team is easy to work with. In fact, everything is easy with Doctoc!

~ Jeff Russell

Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Business Solutions
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We have found Doctoc to be a reliable well-designed software. The team at Doctoc is a pleasure to interact with, and is responsive for support and feature requests.

~ Paul M. Corsello, MD

Huron Gastro/Center for Digestive Care,
Ypsilanti, MI.

Customized Solution for your Clinic

The combination of Doctoc services can provide a multitude of solutions that are often encountered in clinics. Depending on the specific problem, one or more Doctoc services can be utilized to solve the issue or improve the overall communication system, resulting in a seamless and meticulous clinical workflow. 

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Here is an example of list of problems we currently help our customers with:
Unmanageable call volume with staff fatigue and inefficiencies
Patient complaints about unanswered calls
Unreasonable medical telephony contracts and cost increases
Patient recalls
Hiring third parties and managing SLA expectations, HIPAA compliance, Referrals
HR optimization, reduce carbon footprint

Our Promises, we will ..

With 15-day Risk Free Test Run, let's get your Clinical Communications under control.

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