HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service

Increase clinical efficiency and eliminate human error with an AI-powered After Hours Answering Services for Medical Offices
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Ensure seamless and reliable medical communications – day and night

Elevate your after-hours communication with Doctoc's AI-powered HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Service! Our cutting-edge On-Call schedule management brings precision to administrative staff scheduling and medical provider duties.

Intelligent message routing functionality and seamlessly transcribed by AI with convenient one-dial call-back numbers, Doctoc reimagines every facet of after-hours medical communications.

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AI Accuracy & Limitless call Routing
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Easy to use On call scheduling software
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A state-of-the-art medical triage system
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Transcribed messages with One-dial Call Back
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Get AI Accuracy for Every Message

Third-party medical answering services are prone to human error.

Doctoc’s After-Hours Medical Answering Service takes judgment call out of the equation so you can have confidence that every single message is captured accurately and routed correctly.
  • Customize the after-hours medical answering service for your clinic’s workflow, so every call is handled exactly the way you want
  • Get recordings and medical transcription of every patient call – no need to pull messages from a voicemail box
  • Get immediate visibility on your after hours medical answering service – every single message is automatically logged in the Doctoc dashboard as a work item ready to be resolved

Never Miss an Urgent Call

Getting interrupted after hours for a routine call is annoying; not getting alerted to an urgent message puts patients and doctors at risk.

AI automation ensures every single urgent call gets to the correct on-call doctor right away and routine calls are documented in the dashboard and ready for your team in the morning. 
  • Get both alert tones and color-coding to flag urgent messages
  • Set up the system to either continue alerting the on-call doctor about an urgent message or to follow a call tree until the caller gets a response
  • Alert on-call doctors when patients use urgent words, like “chest pain” or “shortness of breath”
  • Set up backup numbers in case the primary provider does not answer consecutive calls or respond messages from the same phone number
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Simplify On-Call Scheduling

Being on call can be stressful enough. Don’t let the inefficiencies of a call center answering service make it worse.

Doctoc optimizes your call routing system to ensure timely and seamless connections between patients and clinicians, especially during after-hours. 
  • See all schedules – who is on call and at what locations are right in the app
  • Easily initiate the transfer of an on-call assignment in the app. The schedule updates automatically when another doctor accepts
  • Supports multiple schedules- including recurring schedules, vacations, etc
  • Alert doctors before their on-call assignment so they never forget

Optimize Staff Efficiency

Maximize your team's productivity and streamline clinic communication with our dynamic call routing system.
  • With Doctoc’s hipaa compliant medical answering service all non-urgent calls are properly documented in your dashboard as work items, instantly improving your team’s efficiency
  • Every message includes patient demographics, One-Dial call back number - everything your team needs to follow up with the patient
  • With Doctoc’s Medical Answering Service Gain complete visibility over all messages with our potent administrative dashboard
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Boost Medical Provider's Confidence and Wellness

Crafted by medical professionals, Doctoc's HIPPA-Compliant Medical Answering Service enables reliable and secure communication, boosting providers' experience with AI accuracy, coveted shifts, and optimized schedules.
  • Eliminates unwanted 3 AM calls. Only STAT calls are immediately directed to the appropriate doctor
  • Every message in Doctoc's HIPPA-Compliant Medical Answering Service is transcribed by AI and assigned a One Dial verified call back number along with necessary information
  • Protect privacy of the medical providers by ensuring their cell phone number is masked by clinic's name and number when calling nurses and patients back
  • Different alert tones to prioritize an incoming message and can also be forwarded to the care team members

Get the oversight you need to get your medical clinic’s communications under control.

The Doctoc dashboard gives you visibility on every communications encounter that touches your practice and reporting on how your team is performing on a clinical, departmental, and individual level. It will transform your entire communications system.
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How Doctoc’s Medical Answering Services paves the way toward a streamlined after-hours communication

At Doctoc, we understand the importance of providing top-class  HIPPA-Compliant medical answering service for healthcare practice, and rest assured that all your after-hour medical calls are handled promptly and meticulously. Our service is designed with healthcare convenience and satisfaction as a priority, providing a seamless experience for both the doctors and the patients.  

Doctoc is utilizing an advanced medical triage system to improve after-hours communication, ensuring healthcare providers are only contacted for urgent requests that require immediate attention. Doctoc’s powerful algorithm delivers accurate call routing functionality and enables patients and hospital nurses to reach your practice 24*7, to get the medical assistance they require.   

Doctoc offers a cutting-edge solution that supports multiple schedules, reminders, and hassle-free duty transfers, ensuring seamless coverage for the providers. With unlimited calls and HIPAA-compliant texting, trust Doctoc to elevate your medical answering services to the next level. 

Promote Teamwork

Improve Accountability

Optimize Efficiency

What 100's of Medical Practices Say about Doctoc!

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As an administrator overseeing three hospital clinic locations with multiple providers I have been impressed that the Doctoc system was easy to implement, improved our workflow, and our staff likes it.

~ Richard Wedig

Chief Clinic & Surgical Services Officer
Wickenburg Community Hospital
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As a consultant to hospitals and clinics, I highly recommend Doctoc. The software is simple to use and the Doctoc team is easy to work with. In fact, everything is easy with Doctoc!

~ Jeff Russell

Chief Executive Officer
Cornerstone Business Solutions
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We have found Doctoc to be a reliable well-designed software. The team at Doctoc is a pleasure to interact with, and is responsive for support and feature requests.

~ Paul M. Corsello, MD

Huron Gastro/Center for Digestive Care,
Ypsilanti, MI.

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